Let’s manage expectations

Figured a quick intro was in order, after all, disappointment is just the gap between expectation and reality. I want to share my experiences in digital marketing, management, and leadership. My goal is to simply share insights, tips, and anecdotes from a real life marketer with a real life job. Hopefully in doing so, other professionals like you can absorb ideas, add to the conversation, and together we’ll all find value to bring back to our day-to-day work to be more successful.

With all the resources out there for marketing professionals, whose advice can you take? Why does the world need another perspective on landing pages, bidding strategies, and excel tips?

Here’s where I manage your expectations. The world probably doesn’t need another resource – you can likely find this information, in some form, elsewhere. What you’ll find here is a real life application of many of the theoretical things marketers encounter in their day to day lives. The practicality of what you’ll read about stems from my own experiences where hindsight is 20/20, and I find myself thinking, “damn, I could have saved a lot of time and effort if I’d thought of that earlier.” I won’t spend much time making predictions. Those won’t help you today. Probably not tomorrow either. What will help you today and tomorrow is a point of view on getting shit done, and being thoughtful about it. That’s what the best marketers do.


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