About Me

I am a marketer. I spend most of my time in digital, but lets face it, the lines are pretty blurry these days. What I love about marketing is that it can always be better – you’re never “done with marketing.” It’s constantly changing and that means we as marketers have to be comfortable with change. Adapt or die.

My perspective on marketing is shaped by my background and interests. Practically, I like to think about marketing at the intersection of psychology and economics. My undergraduate degree is in Neuroscience and I geek out over economics podcasts. I live in NYC with my wife and dog. My day job as a marketer takes me to midtown. All ideas here are mine.

My goal for A Real Marketer is to share my experiences in marketing and business in hopes that you can take away practical elements back to your job to help you in your day to day work. I hope you’ll share your experiences with us so we can all be better marketers and teammates.