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Ensure you keep all your marketing campaigns in order. This campaign tagging template provides you with the structure and flexibility to develop a unique tagging structure for your marketing campaigns. It also serves as a central repository to reference your tracking codes as you build them to keep the whole team on the same page. Compatible with Adobe Analytics and Google Analytics. Check out the video walk through below.


Struggling to keep your marketing campaigns straight? Make your tags structured, flexible, and consistent so you can quickly evaluate success. Key features of this campaign tagging template include…

  • Compatible with Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics
  • Built in formulas make consistency and tag building quick and easy
  • Element definitions give you the ability to define your tagging elements to keep everyone on the same page
  • Element dictionary helps document your elements to drive consistency in tagging syntax
  • Tag elements is the master list of all your marketing tags, and the repository to store them
  • Tag builder is the tool to build your marketing tags so you can easily append them to your campaign URLs


1 review for Campaign Tagging Template

  1. Jonathan Blank (verified owner)

    Before using the Campaign Tagging Template, we were struggling to understand the content topics and formats that drove conversions. We now can have actionable conversations about what content and campaigns are performing well, as opposed to what content and campaigns are driving traffic but not conversions. This Template is allowing us to make better investment decisions. I don’t say that lightly. I was a bit skeptical of the importance of tagging at this granular level. However, mea culpa. We needed this and we now use it every day.

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